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Products & Water Conservation

Products & Water Conservation

We use only the best products in the irrigation industry, Hunter and Rainbird.  All our products are guaranteed and we use the latest technology in water conservation.


Latest Water Conservation Rotators**City of Apopka will give rebates on installed MP Rotators and other irrigation products, please call City of Apopka Water Department for information, 407-703-1731 or email Jschilling@apopka.net or visit City of Apopka website.

The MP Rotator® is a revolutionary sprinkler setting a new standard for water efficiency in the turf and landscape industry.  
  • Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide unmatched uniformity
  • Automatic matched precipitation even after arc & radius adjustment
  • Low application rate reduces runoff on slopes & tight soils
  • Rotator® Technology proven in demanding agricultural conditions since 1987
  • One moving part
  • Patented "double-pop" flushes on start-up and shut-down without increasing spray head flow-by
  • The MP Strips, MP Corner, MP1000, MP2000 and MP3000 can be combined on the same zone


Don’t Send Money Down the Drain!

Learn to water smart to save money this summer.

 Most homeowners overwater their yard, unwittingly wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. Adopting water-savvy habits not only helps reduce this waste, it saves money while promoting a healthier lawn and landscape. To raise awareness of the benefits of smart irrigation practices, the Irrigation Association has named July Smart Irrigation Month. “Water use issues have become a big concern in communities across the United States,” says Irrigation Association Executive Director Deborah Hamlin. “A well-trained irrigation professional, working with today’s technology can save homeowners time and money, and provide better results.” One of the goals of Smart Irrigation Month is to provide homeowners with smart irrigation practices to help them get the best results when working with irrigation professionals whether installing, maintaining or improving their systems.     

Keeping Up Appearances

A well-maintained irrigation system is an efficient irrigation system.

 Whether you have a small urban yard using a simple irrigation system, or you are watering acres using the latest irrigation technology, proper maintenance is important. Without regular maintenance your water-stingy irrigation system could turn into a water guzzler. Irrigation systems are exposed to the elements year-round, as well as everything from lawn mower blades to the family dog. That means they need to be inspected and adjusted at least once a year. 
The most convenient and effective way to verify your system is to have an Irrigation Professional like Dixie Sprinkler Repair, LLC inspect it before the growing season begins. We will inspect the entire system and adjust it for peak performance, replacing any damaged components. We can  conduct a uniformity test to make sure all areas are getting the proper amount of water and that your sprinklers are placed correctly. You may discover that a few sprinklers need adjustment to achieve proper “head-to-head” coverage in your yard. If needed, we can even create a new watering schedule for an old system to make it more efficient. Here are a few essential maintenance tips, offered by the Irrigation Association in recognition of the designation of July as Smart Irrigation Month, to ensure that your irrigation system is always operating at its best: 
·         Learn how to program your irrigation controller. Adjusting the run times (number of minutes) and the frequency of watering (daily, twice a week, etc.) based on current local weather conditions is the best way to give your plants the water they need. You should also adjust settings for seasonal changes in the plants’ water needs and the weather.
 ·         Inspect the irrigation system for leaks. Leaks are a huge water waster. A good contractor can perform regular maintenance checks for leaks, broken or clogged spray heads, and other problems. Ask them to show you common problems to watch for between visits. 
·         Clean the filter screens if clogged. All sprinklers from the biggest to the smallest use filters to prevent spray nozzles and emitters from getting clogged and degrading the spray pattern. 
 ·       Adjust sprinkler head height. Stationary and rotary sprinkler heads need a certain amount of clearance over the plants to operate correctly. Over time plants grow and turf can build up around sprinklers interfering with the spray pattern. Periodically checking the sprinklers for proper clearance is very important. Taller risers may need to be added, or in-ground sprinklers reset so they can distribute water evenly.  
  • Adjust spray patterns and positions. Water that lands on sidewalks, patios, and decks, etc. is water wasted. Sprinklers can get whacked out of adjustment, so having their aim checked yearly is a must.
  Finally, check the pressure. Just because the pressure was correct when the system was installed doesn’t mean it still is. Pressure that is too low or too high can seriously affect the efficiency of your irrigation system. So, have the pressure checked and adjusted every year.



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